Officers: Union Emergency Medical Unit

Nonprofit 501(c)3 corporate and operational leadership.

Board of Directors:

(Acting) President: Sean Prawdzik

(Acting) Vice President: Aryanna Aneiros

(Acting) Treasurer: Lt. Heather Solares

Secretary: Vacant

Trustee: Brian Carr


(Acting) Executive Fundraiser: Lt. Heather Solares






Operations Officers:

                  Capt. Joseph Cowper

                    Lt.  Juan Allende
                    Lt. Glenn Cassidy
                    Lt. Michael Eastman
                    Lt. Tremain Ellis
                    Lt. Heather Solares
                    Lt. Matthew Steitz
                    Lt. Eric Taylor
                    Lt. Evan Webb

Promotion Opportunities for Current Members

Step 1: Find a position that interests you and apply. 


We currently have no position openings.

STEP 2: Schedule an interview.

STEP 3: Complete a position assessment.

After you schedule an interview you will revieve a position assessment via email that must be completed prior to your interview. This assessment helps us determine the right position for you and any training needed to help you succeed in your promotion.

STEP 4: Complete your interview.

We expect that you arrive fifteen (15) minutes prior to your interview. You can interview in attire that would be appropriate for your prospective position or more formal.